Fantasy Sports W88 Review - How to Play & Promotions | Fantasy Sports W88 Real Wins

Fantasy Sports W88 is your opportunity to make it to your dream sports league. Create your ideal team using a PC or mobile and claim the biggest prize pool from sports gambling online.

Fantasy Sports W88 Review - Live the Gaming Thrill

Fantasy Sports W88 will let you have a go at making your dream team a reality. Assemble your Fantasy Premier League team and get paid with a generous prize pool from W88 India. Live the thrilling game as you play in the 33-week season of pure action and entertainment at the interactive W88 platform. 

Claim your chance to take home the record-breaking INR 86 million prize pot for the 2020/21 Season Fantasy Premier League Game.

Fantasy Sports W88 Review
Fantasy Sports W88 Review - Live the Gaming Thrill

As per this Fantasy Sports W88 Review, the prize pool is a guarantee regardless of how many teams join. It’s time to revamp your lifestyle with INR 17,200,000 for the First Prize, INR 8,600,000 for the Second, and INR 5,160,000 for the Third Prize. 

Get a minimum of INR 215,000 should you finish in the Top 20.

Payouts are given out up to the 5,659th position.

Quick Steps on How to Play Fantasy Sports W88

Forget about fantasizing about your dream team. At W88, you can make it real with how to play Fantasy Sports W88.

Here’s how:
→Register/Login to the Official W88 site
A newbie player or a bonafide W88 member; all you have to do is click our trusted W88 links to enter the legit site.

→Click the Sports tab
Select Fantasy Sports from the W88 Sport Menu and start making your dream squad happen.
→Say you want to try Football. Choose the match you want then Play.

How to Play Fantasy Sports W88
Quick Steps on How to Play Fantasy Sports W88

This Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline shares that the Football game will require 15 players – 5 midfielders, 5 defenders, 3 attackers, and 2 goalkeepers. To add players, click the + button and choose a player from the left column to be added to your team.

When you finish selecting your squad, you can join the tournament when the real match starts to triumph with both moolah and respect.

How to Play Fantasy Sports W88
How to Play Fantasy Sports W88 - Team Creation

Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline on How to Earn

The very essence of gambling besides entertainment is to win and earn. In this Fantasy Sports W88 Review, allow us to share that you need to score points to advance within the leagues.

This Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline shares that there are 16 various ways to earn your points over the season. The more points you make, the higher your standing will be. Refer to the image as your guide to score and prevent point deductions.

Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline
Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline on How to Earn

Mega Prizes from W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions

Make how to play Fantasy Sports W88 more fruitful with W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions. Register at W88 and play Sports to collect the 150% Sports Welcome Bonus for an extra moolah of up to INR 15,000. This promotion is open for all new members registered via INR currency.

Remember to make your transfer of a minimum of INR 500 to claim this bonus once.

W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions
Mega Prizes from W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions

Fantasy Sports W88 Short FAQ

You have to be careful in picking your players as you are given only a budget of 100 million to assemble your Dream Team.
Wild Cards are used to make unlimited transfers of Football players.
You will get 2 Wild Cards. One will be given in the first half of the season while the other one is awarded in the second half of the season.
With Fantasy Sports, you can make your dream squad happen and even be a sports champion without being sporty or athletic.
While all other game offers from W88 don’t require any fee to join, with Fantasy Sports tournaments, you need to pay a fee.
You can play Fantasy Sports at W88 using mobile devices. Simply click the mobile icon from the QR to start downloading for iOS, Android, and HTML5.
For questions, feedback, or whatnot about Fantasy Sports, connect to W88 via Live Chat, email, phone, Telegram, WhatsApp, and others.

Learn How to Play Fantasy Sports W88 for a Different Gaming

Fantasy Sports W88 is what you must learn to enjoy different gaming high in sports. Be a part of virtual but lifelike gameplay in other Fantasy Sports leagues like European Soccer, Basketball, ESL, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, MMA, and motorsports.

Enjoy a really good time with real wins from Fantasy Sports with W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions along with Live Casino, Slots, Games, Lottery, Poker, and other Sports!

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