Money Blast W88 Rules, Promotions and Review | Play and Earn with W88 Money Blast Game

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Make a Blast with Money Blast W88


Play the real money casino game Money Blast W88 straight to your phone and computers today. Gameplay Interactive games are now available to play at W88 India, the best casino destination in Asia.

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Make a Blast with Money Blast W88​
Make a Blast with Money Blast W88​

Make your winning guess today of who first wins the mission among the six rockets in the game. Learn more below the basic Money Blast W88 Rules of the game.

First to Finish - Win the Game at Money Blast W88

Money Blast game made by GPI is now playable with W88 Online. How to play Money Blast W88 is so simple and easy, but before going to the game’s rules, let us first learn how to access the official website.

Money Blast W88​
First to Finish - Win the Game at Money Blast W88​

Have fun with this interactive arcade game made by GPI. Register for an account today to easily access top-rated games at W88 India. In less than five minutes, you can create an all-in betting account that features all games, such as Arcade, Slots, Live Casinos, Lotteries, and Sports.

Money Blast W88
First to Finish - Win the Game at Money Blast W88​ - The Platform

Easy to Play - Money Blast W88 Rules

Six rockets are working hard to complete their mission; place your lucky guess who to be first to cross the finish line. Below are some of the features and basic Money Blast W88 rules you must know.

⇒ The game starts by placing a bet. Players can choose to bet on rockets and/or human vs. alien.

⇒ The simple rule of the game is to predict the outcome of the game.

⇒ The payout of the game depends on the winning rocket. Paytable is shown below:

Money Blast W88 Rules
Easy to Play - Money Blast W88 Rules​ - Paytable

⇒ During the game, there is a Booster that increases rocket speed and a Meteor that reduces rocket speed.

⇒ Up to 150x multiplier can be enjoyed on this game.

So what are you waiting for? Make your first move by registering on the link on this Money Blast W88 review.

First to finish the race wins the game, make the best choice!

Money Blast W88 Rules
Easy to Play - Money Blast W88 Rules​ - Finish Line

Not Just the Race - Earn More with Money Blast W88 Promos

Aside from winning the rocket race, you can also enjoy exciting payouts with W88 exclusive promotions. Register now and collect W88 Money Blast Promotions made especially for you! Below are some of the promos you can get from the very start you register.

Money Blast W88
Not Just the Race - Earn More with Money Blast W88 Promos​

⭐️ 150% Welcome Bonus for New Members

⭐️ Daily and Weekly Rewards for Redeposits

⭐️ Friend Referral Promotions

⭐️ Exclusive Events and Tournaments

And many more!

Start your journey into the galaxy with Money Blast W88. Play W88 Games today and take advantage of high-payout and exciting promotions!

Frequently Asked Questions - Money Blast W88

Money Blast is a simple prediction game of what rocket first complete the finish line. Play this game with W88 Games collection.

100% safe! W88 India is a licensed casino provider that offers safe betting platform and payment methods.

Use the JOIN button from the website to register for an account then refer to the Games tab on the dahsboard and look for Money Blast Game.

You can chose from six different rocket and a side bet of wether human or alien.

Yes, GPI and W88 are working together to update its collections and add more from the list from time to time.

Conclusion for Money Blast W88 Review

Money Blast W88 is indeed an exciting, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-play casino game in W88 Collection. Register for an account today and find these great offers for you and your family. You may use your phone or PC to play this game; more convenient and super handy!

Click the link below and follow what you have learned in this guide on how to play Money Blast W88.

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