Rewards Point W88 | W88 Rewards Club for Indian Players

Rewards Point W88 can be converted to awesome prizes such as gadgets, free bets on games, sports clothings, fashion, and a lot more. Earn rewards points and don’t miss the chance to get these amazing prizes!

Exciting Rewards Point W88 Guide

Rewards Point W88 program is one of the best benefits given under W88 India’s platform. It’s a very exclusive reward points program that comes in addition to existing bonuses at W88. Upon accumulating enough reward points you can claim some pretty big prizes. Both virtual and physical rewards await for excited players. Make sure to follow the W88 Rewards Point Terms and Conditions.

Rewards Point W88 Guide
Exciting Rewards Point W88 Guide

How to Claim Point Rewards W88 with Ease

Discovering How to Claim Point Rewards W88 should be a pretty simple endeavor. In the first place, players have to earn their points. Every bet worth 4880.67 INR in any Live Casino, Lottery, Slot or Sports title will earn one W88 point. Players should expect points to be reflected in your account two days after the bet is placed.

After you feel you have accumulated enough points you can now check out W88 Rewards Club choices. They have some swell free bets and even cool physical rewards. These include fashion, sports apparel, electronic gadgets and other awesome options. We should point out in this W88 Rewards Point Review that there is a tiered system. In this system there is the Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers. As you earn more points you will ascend from Blue and eventually reach Diamond.

How to Claim Point Rewards W88
How to Claim Point Rewards W88 with Ease

Essential W88 Rewards Point Terms and Conditions

As you take advantage of W88’s rewards, you also need to be wary of W88 Rewards Point Terms and Conditions. They are easy to recall. Here are some of the ones we wanted to highlight:

  • Who forget to claim their points for Blue and Gold tiers will have their points forfeited at a given point.
  • Players cannot exchange their earned points for cash at any point in time.
  • Players cannot claim any reward points during cases of cancelled, draw or tied bets.

Attempts at fraud such as identity theft, hacking or other illicit means will invalidate your points and revoke W88 membership. Players are still allowed to earn rewards points while using the Rebate or Reload programmes. Using any of the W88 promos means you are implicitly agreeing to each promo’s Terms & Conditions.

W88 Rewards Point
Essential W88 Rewards Point Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions About Advantageous W88 Rewards Club

Of course not. As soon as you join W88 you will become automatically eligible to earn points.
Your IP address may be linked to a previous W88 account already created. W88 does not allow secondary accounts from the same users.
W88 India may have detected fraudulent or suspicious activity from your account. To clarify any outstanding issues, please contact customer support ASAP.
For Blue it should take six months while Gold will last over a year. Both Diamond and Platinum points have no expiration dates.
You must be able to deposit a large enough betting amount to accumulate enough points to claim. Reward points are more effective in the long-term rather than something you want to claim immediately like W88’s Welcome Bonuses.
You need only log into W88 India and select the Rewards tab to see them. Selecting the “Points Statement” button should let you see daily and monthly earnings.
W88 continues to work on new and exciting rewards for players. But it is not yet ready to announce them in this W88 Rewards Point Review.

Rewards Point W88 Program Allows Sophisticated Rewards

Rewards Point W88 program undoubtedly gives players a great long-term incentive for sticking around. Once you reach diamond level you won’t even have to worry about your points expiring. Remember that games like Blackjack 21 and 3 Pictures are not included in calculating rewards points. Register now for W88 using the links in our W88 Rewards Point Review.

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